Accidentally integrated

So I’m fully android integrated after my analogue kick back earlier this year. Why? Well the car has android auto and having my calls, music and map on a handy screen with voice control is just so enticing. I’m a bad man and must go and play some hipster vinyl to redeem myself. But then […]

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Drifting Still

So my motor mouth has run out of steam for a bit mainly because I have a stinking cold and it’s hard to concentrate on a blog with a headache and snotty sinuses. One thing that has bugged me is this concentrated emphasis on Brexit. It’s like some one wants us permanently polarised as a […]

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Strangled in Wireless Wires

At first it was just me and the machine, then we swapped discs, then bbs phone numbers. Then like a bomb the Internet blew in (for me 1997) and well, here we are. Now I can’t walk down the street without Google making suggestions based on ‘interests’. So am I a luddite. No I love […]

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I’m from an age when a floppy disk could destroy the world. Urban myth had it you could actually get arrested for carrying one (on basis it may have nuclear launch codes). Now they don’t need an excuse. I find myself knowing to much yet knowing to little. I guess I’m that age. The future […]

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