Time doesn’t wait but it might skip

So I’ve spent the last two weeks fighting a chest infection and I’ve had a lot time under the duvet to think about my precious time slipping away. Then that turned into why is time so saturated in our society and the fact we’re now all synchronised to the Internet clock which itself I presumed was linked to the atomic clocks, but now I’m not so sure.

You Google Internet time and the main hits are for Swiss Swatches experiment with 1000 minute day. So who times the clock maker?

Could you technically isolate a small village and start mucking around with their one data cable in and out? Lose a second, gain hour or shift a whole day? Do we have such implicit trust in our Internet enabled devices these days that we don’t question something as basic as time.

Do we really need Microsoft to make automatic diary entries? I have a wall diary, a biro and an f-91 casino watch. That system has seemed pretty reliable so far.

Anyway I have to go have coughing fit now and hope my infection releases me soon so I can enjoy my ‘local’ time with those who matter most.


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