Travelling Before the Time of Online

I used to travel a lot in France as a teenager (often traveling on route to other European countries by car) and I was semi fluent in French. After all these years I thought I’d forgotten it all, but the audio book I’m learning from at the moment has brought back great memories of France from a time before IT was so invasive and when the Internet was a dream in the MIC and universities.

I have fond memories of drinking wine on beaches, scuba diving, cycling a strange half skateboard half bicycle contraption around the village, getting my name all over the arcade machine out side the local store (and not giving someone 5000 miles away a chance to punk it, because pretty much everything but an ATM was a standalone device), listening to Jean Michael Jarre’s Rendezvous as we drove into the mountains, getting a bee stuck in the car, pinning it down with a jacket till we could find a lay-by to release it and then an insane moment when the accelerator pedal got trapped down in the car while my mum panicked doing 129mph down the outside lane until she managed to get keys out of the ignition. Staying in haunted hotels and not getting a wink of sleep. Also many other snippets and feelings of memories. I so want to go back now, but with this Brexit mess I don’t know how practical it is, nor do I think that the France of the 80s is anything like the one of today.

The irony of this is learning French on a smartphone and reliving memories from before the Internet or the Euro. Was it any better back then than now in reality, well watch the film La Haine and you get an idea of French modern social problems. Not pretty, my memories are of a very young man on holiday, so issues like that just did not register.

Still learning is keeping me occupied and learning French again seems somewhat more productive than learning ‘ethical hacking’. As you can probably tell, I’ve had it with the bleeding edge of IT, after all you know what your doing right?

Also it’s helps with identifying my shortwave radio hamming. From which I learnt, after tuning into a what I thought was French station, but was in fact a Romania SW broadcast, that Romania shares 75% of its lexicon with France and this is why their called the ‘Romance’ language’s. If you believe the wiki that is.


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