Mr Grey

You can tell by my last two posts I can come across as a bit of a grey day. But don’t misread that as willingness to cave in. I love life and love all I can those who mean something to me. I just worry for them, I see things others just pass off as meaningless often with the ‘what have I got to hide attitude.’

You have everything to hide. It’s your right to privacy, to respect, your boundaries and not to mass aggregate your data for their own sake.

Yet, me included walks around with a permanently connected GPS, camera and micro phone in their pocket. When was the last time you checked third party access permissions?

To much like hard work? Have important Instagram images to post on the wall of indifference.

Online life is Real Life. What you do online will manifest in the real world more than you can possibly imagine.

Just a warning from an oldie who you probably won’t listen to, because you know better right?

I never imagined the scope of the internet when I studied my computer science 30 years ago and as a man standing down from the front line I hope you millennials know what your doing as you embrace the next level of tech coming down the line just for you.


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