Strangled in Wireless Wires

At first it was just me and the machine, then we swapped discs, then bbs phone numbers. Then like a bomb the Internet blew in (for me 1997) and well, here we are.

Now I can’t walk down the street without Google making suggestions based on ‘interests’. So am I a luddite. No I love tech, modern pharmaceuticals and computer science have literally saved my life. CGI is pretty cool, modern music has bass response that gets more awesome with every virtual synth refinement. So what’s my dig?


That’s what I call it, or “targeted advertising’ in business speak and suppose called AI algorithms that are just dumb. I was browsing amazon for a Euphoria Trance CD, result 10 was an album cover with a decayed dead body in a shower by a band called P*ss Grave, I’m mean wtf? Then Google maps seems to have found out I like burgers and wants a review of every burger bar I drive past. I’ve been to McDonald’s twice in 3 years! Home cooked is the best.

Yes I know I can turn off my location, hide all my info but being incognito means those apps functions become severely curtailed. Google throws it toys out the pram and goes “well if you not going let me follow your every move I’m not going to tell you where your going, go buy a Tom Tom.” Also just because you turned off your location, are you sure it’s off? OK the pads/phone lights off but it’s not like you can actually check the circuitry anymore like my Texas TI-99 way back when. We are so far removed from the base code now, no one has clue what is going with all those whizzing 0s and 1s.

No such thing as a free lunch hey. So do I sledge hammer all my smart devices? No, we’re all embedded in the system now. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were trackers in the batteries of my watch, that’s how much I distrust modern domestic systems.

And don’t get me started on social media.

Move along Drone, nothing to see here.


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